The integrated solution for Real Estate Asset Management

Valorize. Analyze. Monitor.

The major real estate players trust SONEKA

An asset management solution

Easy to set up

A default configuration that can be used as it is.
Adaptations to the customer's hand.

Easy to use

Screens designed by and for real estate professionals.
Ergonomics in line with 2020 standards.

Easy to initialize

The possibility to load everything via Excel files.
Connectors with the main management tools.




of buildings have been integrated in SONEKA.

All the information about your real estate assets

  • Numerous intuitive search areas.
  • Accessible from any device at any time.
  • All information on buildings, leases, portfolios, works, expenses, disposals, mandates, appraisals, companies, etc.

The only tool of real estate business plan you'll ever need

  • A unique real estate cash flow engine.
  • Monitor your macro and micro assumptions.
  • Create multiple scenarios.
  • Export your POs in the format of your choice.

A real estate CRM

  • All information on customers, partners and suppliers: companies and contacts.
  • Their involvement in your buildings and transactions.
  • Precise and complete research.

An integrated data room

  • Direct access to documents from the relevant screens.
  • Rights management for documents.
  • Creation of a data room in one click.

A powerful reporting tool

  • Automatically generate PowerPoint reports for hundreds of buildings from your formats.
  • Link your Excel models with the SONEKA database to update the data without opening SONEKA.
  • Use SONEKA's dashboards to monitor the performance and risks of your portfolios. Select the indicators that make sense for your business.

A configurable real estate repository

  • Add all the fields you need on the screens you want.
  • Shape the building and portfolio reporting screens with the indicators that make sense to you.
  • Integrate your internal governance in all the validation circuits of SONEKA.
  • All this in perfect autonomy and with dedicated administration screens.

What people say about us

“A start up that knows the real estate world inside out.
A tool that is easy to use.”

Barbara Monreal
Director of Asset Management at Poste Immo

“This is the first time that my teams have enjoyed using cash flow software.”

Nicolas Rugieri
General Manager at Batipart

“It's a tool that is very handy, very configurable, and that allows you to make different scenarios and different hypotheses, depending on the strategy that is taken by the property company.”

Sylvain Dumas
Strategy and Finance Director at Valimmo

Fantastic Features by SONEKA